Instrument Refresher Course ::

Course Overview:
  • Ground Training: Successful completion of the course will enable the qualified helicopter instrument pilot with a comprehensive review of the IFR system, aircraft systems and components, a thorough understanding of the regulations and procedures of IFR flight, and a review of weather reports and forecasts pertinent to IFR operations.

  • Flight Training: To insure complete knowledge and proficiency of helicopter IFR operations, to demonstrate and practice all IFR flight maneuvers and to establish proficiency and safety in every phase of flight.
    * This course is designed specifically for helicopter pilots possessing current FAA certificates with appropriate instrument ratings or the equivalent licenses issued by a foreign regulatory agency.

Course Content:

Classroom presentations will cover the cockpit controls and instrumentation, a FAR/AIM review, and Weather Reports and Forecasts. In addition, Normal Procedures, Emergency Procedures, Operating Limitations and a comprehensive review of Crew Resource Management.

The flight procedures training includes a complete review of the instrumentation related to IFR flight, a review of flight procedures and maneuvers as outlined in the FAA Instrument Rating Practical Test Standards.

Flight Training Time: 5 Hours
Ground Training Time: 8 Hours

All books and materials included.


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