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Many of the students at Heliflight of Michigan plan to continue training and become helicopter industry professionals. It is for this reason that Heliflight offers the Career Pilot Program. By combining several of the courses offered, Heliflight can offer a comprehensive training package to our career minded clients.

The key to obtaining employment in the helicopter industry today is understanding the requirements and needs of the operators. As an entry-level helicopter pilot, flight instruction is often the first step on the career path. On April 14, 1995, the FAA imposed a Special Federal Aviation Regulation (SFAR-73) requiring 200 hours of helicopter flight time in order to instruct in a Robinson R22/R44.

Since approximately 75 80% of the flight training facilities in the US operate the Robinson R22 / R44 as entry-level training aircraft, meeting the minimum requirements to work in this model of aircraft would only make sense. This would give you the greatest potential for employment upon completion of your training. In addition, the helicopter industry today is insurance driven. The insurance providers require operators to meet minimum pilot requirements with regard to hours, experience and training. These requirements often match those set forth by the FAA SFAR-73.

When developing a plan of action to get you from no experience to that first helicopter job, you must take all of this into consideration. Heliflight offers two plans in our Career Program. Heli-Pilot and Heli-Pilot Plus. Each course offers a different level of training to best meet the needs of the client. The prices for these courses are quoted on an individual basis.

Heli-Pilot Course

This course will enable the entry-level helicopter pilot the minimum requirements to obtain a helicopter pilot position. The Heli Pilot course is only recommended to those clients NOT planning to apply for a helicopter flight instructor position in a Robinson R22 / R44 model aircraft.

  • 150 hours of flight time
  • Private Pilot, 10 hours of Instrument Training and Commercial Pilot Training.

Heli-Pilot Plus Course

This course will enable the entry-level helicopter pilot the minimum requirements to obtain a flight instructor position in a Robinson R22 helicopter and meet the requirements of FAA SFAR 73.

  • 200 hours of flight time
  • Private Pilot, 1o hours of Instrument Training, Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor Rating.
  • Attend Robinson R22 / R44 Factory Safety Course
  • Obtain FAA SFAR-73 Required Instructor Endorsement

Not all helicopter training facilities provide all types of training, i.e. mountain courses, sling training, agricultural application. These are additional courses that entry-level helicopter pilots may want to consider. Heliflight maintains training agreements with multiple helicopter training facilities specializing in the areas listed above.

By mixing and matching the courses most needed by our clients, we provide a clear, efficient and well laid out career path to reach each client's specific needs and goals. Please visit our Aircraft  page to learn more about our training aircraft.

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