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The 206B-3 JetRanger III is known around the world for its ruggedness, reliability and simplicity.  This aircraft began its life as a military helicopter and those same attributes that ensured its success in that arena have also made it the most popular turbine helicopter ever built.  The 206B-3 has the best safety record of any single engine helicopter in the world.  Combining an ease of operation, superior autorotation characteristics and a very robust cabin structure, this aircraft does the best job of ensuring that its crews and passengers will be back to fly another day.  These qualities are well recognized in the aviation community.  Today, the 206B-3, with minor modifications, is the training helicopter for all US Army & US Navy helicopter pilots.  Also, with its simple design and proven components, the 206B-3 boasts the lowest operating costs of any helicopter in its class.  All of this comes together to provide operators with a best value proposition without peer.
  • 5 Place - Single Turbine Engine
  • Safety is a standard feature; reinforcing the best single engine safety record in the world, the Bell 206B-3 offers collective mounted throttle, rupture resistant fuel cells and shoulder harnesses as standard equipment
  • Lowest overall operating costs in its class; just like every Bell you can buy, the 206B-3 costs less to operate and maintain than any competing aircraft
  • As a further testament to its outstanding reliability, the 206B-3 retains its value better than other light turbine helicopters.  It is no wonder that it has become the most popular helicopter of all time.
  • Every Bell is backed by the world’s best customer support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our customer support has been voted #1 for 9 years in a row in Pro Pilot Magazine’s annual survey.
  • Bell Helicopter’s world class training facility provides the most complete and professional pilot and maintenance training available in the industry

Bell 206B-3 Console




Bell 206B-3 Corporate


206B-3 Corporate


Bell 206B-3 Law Enforcement


206B-3 Law Enforcement


Bell 206B-3 Jetcopter 760 - Joel Alexander WJR / WDVD


206B-3 Newscopter

Bell 206B-3

Maximum Gross Weight Internal ... 3200 lb
Maximum Gross Weight External ... 3350 lb 

Useful Loads 
Internal ... 1492 lb 
Max External ... 1500 lb 

Max Cruise Speed ... 115 kts 
Maximum Range ... 374 miles 

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